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Gigatek Cloud Desktop is designed to give small and mid-sized businesses maximum flexibility without compromising security.

Cloud Desktop is a virtual workstation solution, empowering businesses to do more both at and away from the office providing access to everything your employees would have access to at work from any device, at anytime, anywhere.



How Gigatek Cloud Desktop Works

Gigatek desktop virtualization solution provides businesses with a secure, centrally managed system that works to protect your data and empower your employees.


From an IT management perspective, desktop virtualization:

    • Eliminates the need to install software and future updates on individual desktop workstations. All of your software runs in the cloud – not from local computers
    • Hosts any vendor application including custom or legacy software
    • Centrally houses all your applications and files across multiple platforms
    • Is permission controllable – allowing you to set who has access to what program
    • Allows IT staff to remotely wipe any user device to disable access
    • Makes keeping track of software inventory easy
    • Is Secure & Hassle free


Security is one of the main concerns businesses have about desktop virtualization. Our Cloud desktop solution has been proven successful in highly regulated financial and healthcare industries, and is constantly audited for controls and system adherence.

  • Data is stored in an SSAE SOC1 Type II certified data center
  • Gigatek utilizes geographically dispersed data centers to ensure availability in a disaster
  • Our network operations center monitors & responds to alerts 24/7
  • Password controls such as 2-factor authentication are available

End-Users benefit greatly from desktop virtualization, too. When utilizing Gigatek Cloud Desktop, your employees:

  • Can share and collaborate on files seamlessly
  • Can view or email files on-the-go
  • Can log in to their desktops at work or on-the-go on their personal laptops, or though the smartphone & tablet app with a single password
  • Have everywhere access to your entire suite of apps, features & files


Big Picture Benefits of Desktop Virtualization


Aside from the convenience Gigatek Cloud Desktop provides your employees, virtual desktops are more secure than standard desktops. Cloud Desktop makes on-boarding new employees and system maintenance easier than ever. Plus, Desktop Virtualization can save your company money on hardware and improve employee productivity, leading to greater cost savings.

  • Rather than having to download and install necessary programs to individual workstations, your IT staff simply has to grant end users access to those programs already in the cloud
  • End users are no longer responsible for key security updates. Simply schedule universal updates across the entire network all at once
  • A virtual workstation is scalable, whereas a PC is only as good as the amount of memory the device has. This can reduce the need for hardware replacement, potentially saving your company thousands of dollars. Since your machines are working smarter, not harder, some businesses running a virtual workstation have also seen energy cost savings.


Move Your Business to Gigatek Cloud Desktop

With all the benefits Cloud Desktop provides for business, there’s no reason not to make the switch to a virtual workstation. Gigatek makes the move to desktop virtualization easy, providing end-to-end support throughout the transition process. Take your desktop to the next level and your work on-the-go with Gigatek Cloud Desktop. Contact us today to learn more & get started.