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Gigatek's services include:

Network Planning, Implementation & Upgrades
Network Management & Support
LAN/WAN Cabling & Installation
Equipment Analysis and Repair
Printer repair
Network Product Sales
LAN/WAN Connectivity to the Internet
Corporate LAN Relocation
Network Security

Benefits that Network Services Provide:

Secure Business Information and Data
Gigatek will work with you to secure your business information and data from unauthorized internal and external access. Our qualified technical staff will recommend and write security policies, and provide the proper security devices and systems to secure each unique network.

Additionally, Gigatek will help design or modify your network to ensure that you are able to recover your business data and info in the event of a problem or a disaster.

Reduced IT Costs
It isn’t always cost-effective to replace all of your original network equipment. Gigatek can design a well-planned network that is upgradeable, minimizing cost when it's time to expand.

Through Gigatek, you can also purchase any hardware and software needed for your network. As a true systems integrator, Gigatek has a network relationship with national, high profile vendors to ensure that we are able to meet your budget requirements and deadlines.

Utilizing Gigatek’s professional support engineers eliminates your need for a full-time IT person on staff, saving you money on personnel expenses. Additional savings can be achieved through Gigatek’s Prepaid Service Agreements, which ensure a fast response time, at a reduced hourly rate.

Meeting Business Goals
Share information and computing equipment such as printers and software more easily with coworkers
Communicate through email
Put your business on the Internet to compete at a higher level
Gigatek’s team of experts can help you design a cost-effective network solution that will help you reap these benefits.

If your company already has a network and you are expanding your business, Gigatek can develop a network upgrade plan that includes future business expansions.

Once you’ve met organizational goals and expansion begins, relocation of the business and equipment may become necessary. Gigatek can work with you to plan your network in your new office facilities. The relocation plan would include the network cabling, moving existing equipment, and potentially upgrading equipment so you can continually meet new business goals.

What Sets Gigatek Apart From The Competition?
We take the time to learn your business before recommending solutions. With expertise in a wide range of areas, our mission is to be your resource and to provide recommendations you can trust to make your business successful.

Gigatek offers a portfolio of services that can be tailored to fit your business. Our team of professionals is committed to staying on top of the latest technology to ensure we provide you with a solution that meets your needs, both now and in the future.

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