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Linux Operating System Solutions
For both client/server and peer-to-peer networks, the award winning Linux platform is an "Open Source" operating system that provides a cost effective, robust, flexible and secure high performance solution for your business infrastructure requirements.

Seamless Integration

Since its conception, the people developing the Linux Operating System have used the Internet for their collaborative efforts, making network support one of its permanent features. The Linux Operating System is frequently chosen by leading businesses for superior server and network performance. The Linux Operating System integrates easily into Local Area Networks regardless of system combinations, providing full and seamless support for Macintosh, DOS, X-Windows, Windows® 2000, Windows® XP, and Novell.

The Most Used Servers On The Internet - Apache Web Server & SendMail
The Apache web server that comes with Linux is used and supported by such large corporations as IBM, and runs on over half of the web servers on the Internet. Sendmail, the Linux electronic mail transfer agent, is so widely used that it touches virtually every piece of e-mail that traverses the Internet, and is also commonly used on corporate networks.

Gigatek offers its clients a full range of Linux Network Solutions:

Mail Servers with spam and virus filtering
Application Servers
Database Servers
File & print Servers
Web Servers
Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)
E-Commerce Servers
Corporate Shared Fax Servers

Bring the latest technology to your company by choosing a Gigatek Linux Solution for all your business networking needs. Contact us for more information

What is Open Source?

Linux is copyrighted software, and is distributed under a special license agreement known as the GNU General Public License, or GPL. It is certified as "Open Source", which means that both the software itself, and the source code used to design the software, is available to all users. This license allows all users to freely make and distribute copies of the software and source code. Furthermore, it allows users to modify the source code, and distribute modified copies.

Is it cost effective?
The chart below details some of the most popular open source productivity applications. Running under X-Windows (the Linux desktop graphical user interface), these applications are for users running Linux as an alternative operating system on their client system. Most of these applications can read and write many different file formats for compatibility with your existing documents and spreadsheets.


Word Processing

Free, no royalties or licensing
Evolution E-mail, calendaring, Internet newsgroups, task and contact management. Very similar to Microsoft® Outlook® in appearance and operation. Can work with existing Microsoft® Exchange servers. Free, no royalties or licensing
Gnumeric Spreadsheet operations Free, no royalties or licensing
Mozilla Web browsing, HTML editing, electronic mail, Usenet news, IRC chat Free, no royalties or licensing
Netscape Communicator Web browsing, HTML creation, electronic mail, Usenet news Free, no royalties or licensing
KOffice Word processing, spreadsheet calculations, image editing, presentations Free, no royalties or licensing
OpenOffice.org Word processing, spreadsheet calculations, image editing, presentations Free, no royalties or licensing
StarOffice Word processing, spreadsheet calculations, image editing, presentations, database operations $79.95 single client, $1500 for 25 clients, $50 each for 26-150 users, $25 each for 151-10,000 users

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