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Our Philosophy
Gigatek Computer Consulting is a customer oriented, service-based company. Our goal is quality service and customer satisfaction, not quantity. We constantly strive to offer the best possible service, as well as competitive pricing.

We are small enough to provide service far better than that of the corporate giants, yet at the same time we offer the wide base of knowledge and expertise that our customers require.

About Us
Gigatek is dedicated to helping its business and educational customers use computer systems, computer networking, the Internet, and data communications technologies to meet their individual needs in a cost-effective manner.

Gigatek provides comprehensive design services for local and wide area networks. Our full-service, value-added approach insures that our customers receive a solution that conforms to their specific needs and requirements.

Gigatek also can advise customers on specific hardware and software systems that would best meet their present and future needs, and allow for cost-effective upgrades down the road.

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